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AKB Caskets is an Import & Export Company that specialises in the import and export of caskets and other funeral related products.  We pride ourselves in ensuring that only caskets of the highest standards are imported.  AKB Caskets has sourcing agents in different parts of the world who ensure that the imported products match our stringent standards. 

Discover the advantage you can have with AKB Caskets to deliver high quality burial caskets at the lowest prices.  AKB Caskets offers a wide range of imported and local caskets and other funeral equipment.  At present other equipment include church trucks and one man stretchers.  Custom made, oversize and infant caskets are available on order.

AKB Caskets has a wide range of clientele throughout South Africa.  We distribute and deliver throughout South Africa and parts of Africa.  Our exclusive products are distributed only to funeral homes and registered distributors and are unfortunately not available to individual members of the public. 

Our exquisite products can be viewed under the Wooden/Steel casket pages or for further information you can contact us.  These products can also be viewed in our showroom which is situated in the NorthCoast, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.